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Nicole Stork-Hestad

I have obtained a full education on financial counseling, financial therapy, marriage and family therapy, learning over the human lifespan, and effective coaching. I earned my Master’s degree in Family Science, becoming an expert in human development and the human being’s capacity for growth and change over a lifetime. Then I actively combined this knowledge to the financial lifestyle to yield higher-level money management practicalities for my clients. I have designed courses for and taught over 250 hours of personal finance literacy courses at both primary and advance college levels. Now, I am back in school, earning a Ph.D. in Personal Finance and Family Economics, and certifications in Financial Counseling and Financial Therapy. Most importantly, I have created an entire profession where I use all of this knowledge, 12 years worth of expertise with more being added every single day, to help individuals like you or families like your to forge their path to a wealthier life. I am a money coach.


A 12-week package designed to change your money mindset so you can finally feel free to spend and make sense of saving.

A 4-week package designed to change how you manage your business finances so you can invest as needed and feel good about doing such.

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I have so much to share about my experience with Nicole but I’ll try to boil it down to a few sentences. First, she is the greatest investment you will make in yourself and your financial security. Second, she will not do it for you but she will teach you how to do it and be there for you when life gets chaotic. Third, her experience and knowledge base is incredible. Fourth, she is so invested in you and helping you live your absolutely best life in balance with your finances. Cannot recommend more!

Madison Hartung


A  woman on a mission, determined to help more people live in freedom from financial chaos. 

Make the most of your money.


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